Femvertising Survey, Opinions on Gender Advertising

Hi everyone,

I’m writing a piece about the new trend in advertising, ‘Femvertising’ – pro-female, empowered advertising.

I will be discussing the efficacy and impact this concept is having on brand marketing.

I am collecting some input on the subject, and I’d appreciate all the help I can get!

Please, click the link below to participate in a short (10 question) survey :)




Focus, Rebecca, focus!

Why do you I start things that I never I can never finish: journals, coffee and new blog posts. Why am I an endless fountain of creativity in all other aspects, but draw blanks for keeping up my own blog posts?

I think I need a FOCUS – something I can call my ‘niche’. What am I good at writing? What do I like to talk about?

HELP! What is your niche?

Increase Productivity

Recently I’ve been drowing in my ‘to-do’ lists. One for school, one for work and one for home. Once you reach this many tasks, lists just make everything worse. As I stare down the pages of my agenda, my organization becomes chaotic…and then what do I have? A headache!

I’ve realized that in order to organize my life, I just simply need to lighten the load. This includes less procrastinating. If I get it done when it comes up I won’t have to write it out. This is definitely something I need to work on.

I’m the classic ‘caregiver’ personality type, saying no is not my strongsuit. I would love to be able to help people only WHEN I can, without feeling guilty for not going out of my way. I am important, and so is my mental health.

I strongly believe that stress is a big trigger for most mental health issues in todays society. When we let things build up in our minds, we leave no room for happiness or positivity. Some stresses are inevitable, but we must remind ourselves which are preventable, and through our consciousness we can overcome it.

Now, I got a bit off topic, but I think I made my point.

Nothing is more important than your mental health. Find the time to take care of you and organization, productivity and happiness will follow.

Nighty night.